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Advanced Bariatric Solutions

About us

BariaTek is a clinical stage medical device company dedicated to addressing the obesity pandemic by providing both bariatric surgeons and bariatric endoscopists with minimally invasive solutions that match the efficacy of bypass surgery (to date, the most effective solution to treat obesity) and surpass it in terms of safety, ease of use, reversibility, and economics.

Clinical Need

Obesity is a chronic and debilitating disease affecting more than one billion people worldwide. It bears a tremendous economic burden to healthcare systems surpassing that of cardiovascular diseases and cancer and its prevalence is increasing worldwide. It often leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and reduced life expectancy.​


Bariatric surgery currently remains the most effective approach to treat obesity and limits the resulting complications, but surgery is poorly perceived, alters anatomy permanently, is costly, and can result in severe adverse events.


Obesity pharmaceutical therapies could provide an effective alternative solution for some patients, but they are very expensive and poorly tolerated in many, resulting in their cessation and corresponding regain of the lost weight. Furthermore, they could be associated with multiple under-reported side-effects and off-label prescriptions.


As for available minimally invasive endoscopic solutions, they enjoy variable safety but lack efficacy.

The BariTon™

BariaTek first product candidate, the BariTon™, is a soft, atraumatic, reversible implant that is delivered via a simple endoscopy through the mouth within a few minutes and in an outpatient setting. It consists of a gastric part and an intestinal part, thereby having a dual effect: reduced food intake and reduced calorie absorption. The BariTon™ is expected to be the first implant of its kind to potentially mimic the efficacy of sleeve gastrectomy and bypass surgery and offer superior safety, ease of use, reversibility, and lower cost.


BariaTek Medical is conducting a human feasibility study in two sites:

  • The BMI Clinic in Sydney Australia with Dr Adrian Sartoretto, Principal Investigator and Bariatric Endoscopist.

  • The Republic Center of Surgery in Tashkent Uzbekistan with Dr Aburashid Abdukarimov, Principal Investigator and Bariatric Surgeon.

The goal of the human feasibility study is to assess the safety and efficacy of the BariTon™ in patients suffering from obesity at multiple time points and up to 1 year.

Our team

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Join us

We are constantly looking for super talented and passionate individuals to join our team in various functions. If you are passionate about making a positive difference in patients’ lives, if you are proactive, a good problem-solver, if you possess a “hands-on” mentality, and thrive when dealing with ambiguity, please reach out to us.

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News & Press

2 April 2024

Bariatric News article

Endoscopic BariTon™ implant intended to mimic sleeve gastrectomy and bypass surgery

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6 February 2024

BariaTek implants first device that aims to mimic weight loss surgery

The BariTon implant is designed to mimic the results of sleeve gastrectomy and bypass surgery.

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19 September 2023

BariaTek Medical Receives € 1.5M DeepTech Non-dilutive Financing From Bpifrance

BariTon™ Device to Enter Clinical Trials to Treat Obesity and Diabetes in the Near Future

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10 March 2024

The BariTon™ on French TV

BariaTek was on France’s BFMTV following our first-in-human clinical study launch. 

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6 February 2024

BariaTek Medical Announces the First-in-Human Implantation

BariaTek Medical Announces the First-in-Human Implantation of Its BariTon™ Device, a Non-Surgical Gastro-Intestinal Medical Device Aiming to Replicate the Efficacy of Obesity Surgery Without the Invasiveness

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